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San Sophia Winter Engagement

Planning a ski trip to Telluride?

A lot of people don’t even consider booking a photo session in the winter, because…uh- it’s COLD! But Telluride is one of those places that is just so magical in the winter. A dusting of fresh snow, beautiful mountains + a fun gondola ride equals picture perfect magic! Keirsten & Luke were totally prepared for chilly temps and we were all so excited when the snow started falling. I can’t imagine a more romantic engagement session! With a little preparation you can beat the freezing temps and walk away from your vacation with not only memories, but photographs to look back on for years to come.

Prepping for winter photos in Telluride

There are a few things you’ll want to consider when planning a winter photo session in the Colorado mountains, because the last thing you want is to be miserable & freezing!

  • Layer, layer, layer! I cannot stress this enough. Wear leggings under your pants/dress/skirt. Wear wool socks. Wear at least 1-2 base layers under your top!
  • Bring a COAT! You’d be surprised how many people don’t bring a coat to the session. Even if you don’t want it on in the photos, bring it to wear between shots! I like to move around to different areas at my sessions so there will be plenty of opportunities to snuggle up in that coat while we walk.
  • On that note- handwarmers! I usually try to bring extras for my clients, but it doesn’t hurt to have them handy (ha-ha). Once those fingers go numb, it gets miserable quick!
  • Shoes with traction! I know you may want to break out your cutest pair of booties- but save that for summer + fall portraits. If it’s snowing the last thing you want is wet toes, or worse- to slip & fall! You’ll be a lot more comfortable, and we’ll have way more options for fun poses!
  • I try to come prepared for my clients with extra hand-warmers, a blanket, and if there are kiddos involved I always bring hot cocoa!

Things to do in Telluride

Besides a photo session and skiing of course, what else should you do while visiting Telluride?

  • Check out Orvis or Ouray Hot Springs
  • Make a reservation & schedule a snow coach ride to the fabulous Alpino Vino for dinner
  • Go ice skating
  • Shop in Downton Telluride

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