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Adventurous Elopement in Ouray, Colorado

Adventurous Elopement in Ouray, Colorado

Your love story deserves to be celebrated in a way that’s as extraordinary and unique as the bond you share. Nestled in the heart of the San Juan Mountains, Ouray, Colorado, provides the perfect backdrop for a wedding day filled with adventure and romance. As an elopement photographer, I’m here to help you discover exciting, off-the-beaten-path ideas for your special day in Ouray. Whether you’re looking for a hiking adventure, horseback riding, a jeep tour, or snowshoeing, I’ve got you covered with recommendations for local companies to make your dreams come true.

1. Hiking Elopement:

Imagine exchanging vows with a stunning mountain vista as your backdrop, or the sound of rushing water as the soundtrack to your day. Ouray offers a plethora of hiking trails, and you’re sure to find one that speaks to you. Here are a couple of trail suggestions:

Pro Tip:

Opt for sunrise or sunset for the best lighting.

2. Horseback Riding Elopement:

A horseback ride to a private ceremony spot in Ouray adds a whole lot of romance and adventure. Local horseback riding companies can help pick a stunning location and match you and your partner up with horses suited to any skill level.

Horseback Riding Recommendations:

3. Jeep Tour Elopement:

For those craving excitement and an epic views elopement, a Jeep tour through Ouray’s rugged terrain is an excellent option. It’s a thrilling way to explore the wild beauty of the region and find a private ceremony spot- without worrying about navigating the trails yourself. This is probably my favorite type of elopement! Consider taking a Jeep tour with one of the following companies:

Jeep Tour Recommendations:

4. Snowshoeing Elopement:

When winter blankets Ouray in snow, the landscape becomes a magical winter wonderland. A snowshoeing elopement will allow you to celebrate your love in the midst of this serene setting. Another unique location nearby, The Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park offers some great snowshoeing trails as well. Fun fact, I provide snowshoes and trekking poles for my couples!

Snowshoeing Recommendations:

These unique elopement ideas in Ouray are just the beginning of your adventure together as a married couple. Don’t forget that the key to truly incredible elopement photos is to be yourselves, immerse yourselves in the moment, and let your love shine through in every frame.

As your elopement photographer, I’m here to help you capture the magic of your extraordinary day. Whether you choose to hike, horseback ride, embark on a thrilling Jeep tour, or enjoy a winter wonderland, I’ll be there to document your love story against the breathtaking backdrop of Ouray. Your adventure is waiting – let’s make it unforgettable!

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